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Cultura als Campus. Cinema Valencià de Hui

[m]otherhood · Laura García Andreu, Inés Peris Mestre · Spain · 2018· 55’ · VOSE (original version with Spanish subtitles)

[m]otherhood contains the answers that will stop you from questioning women who do not want to have children ever again.

A group of women have decided to speak out and, their arguments, solid and sharp, stab at the ideal of contemporary motherhood. They break taboos, question the maternal instinct and talk about regret.

They show that the shortcomings also lie in some questions: why should the ability to bear children lead a woman to become a mother? 

Presentation and colloquium given by the co-director, Laura García Andreu.

Free admission. Limited capacity


Date 12 april 2022 at 18:00 to 20:30. Tuesday.


Place Saló de Graus Ascención Chirivella. Faculty of Law

Organized by

Cultura als Campus. Aula de Cinema. Vicerectorar de Cultura i Esport UV.


Contact auladecinema@uv.es