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Cartel. Una mujer mayor, un cerdo y un hombre con una cámara de cine
Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo

Cinema Cycle 10 Sentidos Film Festival

Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo · Gustavo Salmerón · 2017 · Spain · 90' 

Many children, a monkey and a castle (which refers to the original title in Spanish) are the wishes Julita Salmerón dreamt of since she was a child, and all three have come true. When the youngest of her children finds out that his mother has lost the vertebra of his murdered great-grandmother, kept for three generations, the family embarks on an amusing quest among the most peculiar and strange objects that Julita has been accumulating over her more than eighty years, showing us a lively and funny gallery of characters. But what Julita is really about to find is the true meaning of life.

Presentation and colloquium by the main character, Julita Salmerón.


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Date 20 may 2022 at 19:00 to 21:00. Friday.


Place Magna Room. La Nau Cultural Centre

Organized by

Cinema Club of the Universitat de València 10 Sentidos Film Festival.


Contact auladecinema@uv.es