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Excavación arqueológica a la Avda. del Dr. Alemany (Cullera)
3rd Cullera Spring University. Open enrolment

The Universitat de València presents the 3rd Edition of the Cullera Spring University, an initiative resulting from the close collaboration between the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society (UV), the Provincial Council of València, the Town Hall of Cullera and Caixa Popular.


Archaeological heritage is not only made up of archaeological sites. It is much broader and is included in our Heritage Law, which defines it as follows: “Spanish Archaeological Heritage includes movable or immovable property of a historical nature that can be studied using archaeological methodology, whether or not they have been extracted, and whether they are on the surface or subsoil, in the territorial sea or on the continental shelf. Geological and palaeontological elements related to the history of man and his origins and antecedents also form part of this Heritage” (LPHE, art 40.1). In other words, we could define it as any type of historical property that represents human activity and that requires archaeological research for its study or recovery. But archaeological heritage is much more than research, it is also management, conservation, dissemination and technology.


This conference is dedicated precisely to these “other” aspects of archaeological heritage, which are less well known but no less important. The conference on “El Patrimonio Arqueológico: estado de la cuestión” (Spanish for Archaeological Heritage: state of the matter) aims to be a forum for reflection, analysis and proposals for the future, focusing on the different problems, challenges and opportunities offered by new technological tools, without forgetting the necessary social and cultural profitability as the ultimate goal.


FREE REGISTRATION: https://go.uv.es/sqjrz4x


Date From 6 june 2022 to 21 june 2022. 24h. Every day.


Auditorio Municipal (del Mercado): Plaza de la Virgen, 16 (Cullera)

Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society

Provincial Council of Valencia

Town Hall of Cullera

Caixa Popular.



Contact antonio.briz@uv.es

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