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AlumniUV Guided tour of the UV exhibition Libertat, libertat

Cultural Volunteering offers a guided tour of the exhibition Libertad, libertad The 1970s in the Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection


18 April from 17:00 to 18:00 at the La Nau Cultural Centre (Universidad, 2)

Collaborating: UV Cultural Volunteering

For: AlumniUV Premium members, AlumniUV Basic members and the general public

Free registration: https://go.uv.esYh1PQWe

In a particularly noteworthy gesture of patronage, the couple Carmen García Merchante and Jesús Martínez Guerricabeitia have donated their collection to the Universitat de València, which focuses on the political side of the emerging painting of the late Franco years and the transition period. The selection, curated by the art critic and museum director Juan Manuel Bonet, focuses precisely on the 1970s, the period of the assassination of Carrero Blanco, the death of the dictator, the return of the exiles and the first free elections.

Many of the artists included in the exhibition are Valencian. Juan Genovés also played an important role at the time, as did the Crónica and Realidad groups, founded in the mid-1970s. The list of Valencian artists also includes works by Anzo, the expressionist Martín Caballero, Rafael Calduch, Antoni Miró from Alcoy, Monjalés, who spent many years in exile in Colombia, José Vento, a member of the Grupo Hondo like Genovés, the trio made up of Manuel Boix, Artur Heras and Rafael Armengol and some of the members of the Grup d'Elx: Albert Agulló, Joan Castejón, Antoni Coll and Sixto Marco.


Date From 25 march 2024 to 17 april 2024. 24h. Every day.

  • 18 april 2024 at 17:00 to 18:00. Thursday.

Centre Cultural La Nau

Universitat, 2

Valencia (46003)

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Contact alumniuv@uv.es

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