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Cover of the book <i>Rock, Paper, Scissors</i>
AlumniUV: Quixote Reading Club

In April, the Quixote Reading Club will analyse the novel Rock, Paper, Scissors by Maxim Osipov.


9 April from 18:00 to 19:00

Place Gonzalo Montiel Room – La Nau Cultural Centre (Universidad, 2)

For AlumniUV Premium members

Free registration: the group is currently full. However, you can join the waiting list at https://go.uv.es/TSi4eN2

2022 Award for Best Collection of Stories of the TodosTusLibros awards.

The ten sensitive short stories told in this book depict ordinary people from Post-Soviet Russia (doctors, teachers, local politicians, street criminals...) who stumble upon each other in a natural yet unpredictable way, under uniquely charming grey environments. Maxim Osipov makes use of his experience as a cardiologist at the modest hospital where he regularly sees his patients to craft stories full of compassion, lyricism and deceptive simplicity that subtly move from an individual to a group narrative.

Like in Chekhovian black comedies – Chekhov was also a doctor, after all –, in this book there is a blend of corruption and violence with humour, tenderness and a vow of redemption. In his stories, Osipov brings diverse characters to life and, thanks to his extraordinary powers of observation, he immerses us in their frustrations and tragedies, but also in moments of sublime epiphany and beauty. The stories in this volume, written between 2009 and 2017, have established him as one of the most renowned writers of contemporary Russian literature.


Date From 25 march 2024 to 8 april 2024. 24h. Every day.

  • 9 april 2024 at 18:00 to 19:00. Tuesday.

Gonzalo Montiel Room (La Nau Cultural Centre)

Universitat, 2

Valencia (46003)

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Contact alumniuv@uv.es