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Actors performing on stage

La Nau Theatre


Text by Sara Acàmer and María Albelda

Firection and play-writing by Javier Sahuquillo and Andrea Caloxe

Performed by La col·lectiva imaginària

Four young people who, after years of sharing a flat, had already become a chosen family. One fine day the news arrives. The tenant is going to split the flat in two, the one that has been their home, to make an Airbnb in one of the halves. In turn, he raises the rent on their tiny half. "It's inevitable... the neighbourhood is being revalued!”. Marina, Rosa, Pau and Victòria find themselves sharing a tiny space they can't afford. The acceptance of the new situation will force them to reconfigure their daily life around the needs of an unknown person, to raise and tear down internal and external walls that will redefine their relationship in a desperate attempt to preserve an ideal life they have never had.

Cuirasses speaks to us of the everyday armours made of silences, evasion mechanisms, fictions, escapes and distances that drown out cries of impotence, emptiness of sadness, profound ignorance and ancient confusions. It speaks to us of the need for words and expression, of coexistence with others and with ourselves, and of the attention we owe to the body, to sensations and to that which is not necessarily rational.

Colloquium every Wednesday with the companies when the function finishes

Theater tickets can be booked in advance at la Tenda de la Universitat (UV shop) at La Nau, and at the University campus, or on its website (http://www.latenda.es/entrades). Tickets €2


ScheduleFrom 9 november 2022 to 10 november 2022. Wednesday and thursday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula d'Arts Escèniques UV.


Contact auladeteatre@uv.es

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