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Grupo de Danza(nivel 1 Danza Contemporánea
Dance Group (Level 1 Contemporary Dance) 2 ECTS

Participation activity recognised with 2 ECTS credits for UV students. The workshop will be held during the second quarter of the academic year, starting on 1 February 2021 and ending on 19 May 2021. Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. The workshop ends with a public exhibition. Addressed to university students and the general public.

Artistic expression will be developed through contemporary dance. Practice of different body techniques that exist within dance styles. Concepts specific to dance such as body, space and time awareness, qualities of movement and physical dexterity in the practice of dance in your body. Students will be given their own resources to create their own artistic language (choreography). Physical memory will be enhanced by being able to memorise a choreography. Manage the final performance practice (performance with an audience) developing the skills and mechanisms to face an audience.


Date From 15 december 2020 to 29 january 2021. 24h. Every day.


Sala Expresión Fac.Act.Física y Deporte.Campus Blasco Ibañez (C/Gasco Oliag, 5)

Organized by

Servei de Cultura Universitària (Extensió).



Contact extensio@uv.es

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