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Detail of the poster with the phrase En el principio era el verbo (In the beginning was the verb)
En el principi era el verb - Juan 1:1

Theatre at La Nau

Exhibition of the Permanent Theatre Workshop for Over 55s

‘En el principi era el verb - Juan 1:1’ 

Texts by Shakespeare, Lope, Calderón, Dostoievski, Brecht, Brossa, Sinisterra, Mayorga and Pessoa

Professor/director Tono Berti and Pura Marco

This performance is a new Prometheus, a Frankenstein, a monster created from fragments of works ranging from the baroque theatre of Lope to Pessoa, as well as Dostoyevsky, Brosa, Calderón and Sinisterra. A theatrical hydra that rises to blind us with the power of the word in performing arts and hence its name taken from the gospel of Saint John, in the beginning was the verb. The different scenes are brought together with a one goal, to show the theatrical architecture from the verb that determines the scenic action, the keystone of the theatre. Orality, and with it the word created by the poet, is the raw material with which the infinite stories that we will be able to tell are woven, because the word is a scenic action that transforms everything when the actors uses it properly.

Words, words and more words, some of them strike us, others leave us impassive, but all of them are necessary to create the scenic illusion that is theatre.

Theatre tickets can be booked in advance at La Tenda de la Universitat in La Nau and on the campuses, or on the website (https://events.fundacio.es/o/5). Each ticket will cost €2.10


ScheduleFrom 7 june 2023 to 9 june 2023. Wednesday, thursday and friday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Place Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula d'Arts Escèniques UV.


Contact auladeteatre@uv.es