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Imagen gráfica de la exposición 'Hermano Lobo'.
Guided visit to the exhibition on the ‘Hermano Lobo’ journal in La Nau

Alumni UV organises a free guided visit with previous registration to the exhibition 'Hermano Lobo (1972-1976): un huevo duro para el Caudillo’ (Wolf Brother (1972-1976): a hard-boiled egg for the Leader), commissioned by the lecturers of History of Journalism Antonio Laguna and Francesc Andreu Martínez Gallego. It is exhibited in the Lecture Room of the La Nau Cultural Centre until the following 14 May.

This activity, addressed to both, members of the friend’s and former student’s collective of the Universitat de València and to the general public, is part of the Alumni UV annual programming and its interest in boosting the Universitat cultural activities.

In the guided visit takes part the Universitat Cultural Volunteering, a programme of the Culture Vice-principal that offers the students the opportunity of having training and experience on the present, past and future of their Universitat, while taking part in the activities developed by them.

About ‘Hermano Lobo’

From the Pléyade editorial, on 13 May 1972, it was launched the first howl of ‘Hermano Lobo’, with the subtitle ‘Humour Seminar’. The journal was full of images as suggestive and provocative as anyone would like to understand and imagine. From the surrealist drawing of Ops (Andrés Rábago) to the irreverent of Chúmez, stopping by the troglodyte of Forges or the absurd of Gila, among others, they made of the journal more than a source for laughing at the dictatorship, they transformed it into a symbol of rebelling and transgression. That is why it was so successful. The print run of 100,000 copies of that first issue disappeared from the newsstands when the owners had not yet closed for lunch. In subsequent issues, the print run was increased to 150,000 copies, reaching its highest sales figure of 170,000.



Date From 2 may 2023 to 9 may 2023. 24h. Every day.

  • 10 may 2023 at 17:00 to 18:00. Wednesday.

Place Sala Estudi General del Centre Cultural La Nau (Universitat 2, València). Inscripción online

Organized by

Universitat de València

Fundació General UV

Alumni UV

En colaboración con el programa de Voluntariado Cultural UV.



Contact alumniuv@uv.es

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