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Two women and a man on a street
La ciudad de escarcha

La Nau Theatre

Teatre de la Memòria

La ciudad de escarcha

Crit Cia. de Teatre. By Anna Marí

How was life in Spain seventy years ago? What were the young people of provincial cities allowed or not allowed to do in those times? How did they get along? How did they dance and what did they feel? How difficult was it for a woman to achieve the goal of studying a degree? Companya CRIT tried to find the answer to these and other questions with “La ciudad de escarcha”, a loyal adaptation of Martín Gaite’s novel Entre Visillos, but conceived as a dynamic and emotional show of today and for today

Theater tickets can be booked in advance at la Tenda de la Universitat (UV shop) at La Nau, and at the University campus, or on its website (https://events.fundacio.es/o/5). Tickets €2

  • 18 december 2021 at 18:00 to 20:00. Saturday.
  • 18 december 2021 at 20:00 to 22:00. Saturday.

Place Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Org: Escalante Centre D’Arts Escèniques-Diputació de València

Col: Aula d'Arts Escèniques.


Contact auladeteatre@uv.es

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