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Dancing woman


Dance performance by Juana Varela

Pre-Broken is a mind full of repeating sounds.

Pre-Broken is a race that rushes forward and backward.

Pre-Broken is a time before the present moment.

Juana Varela.

I started dancing in Villena at a very young age, surrounded by family and friends who always saw me as a spontaneous and cheerful dancer. Little by little, with that confidence and after a lot of wandering, I completed my classical and contemporary dance studies in Alicante, and later at the Conservatorio Superior de Valencia. I travelled a bit with the excuse of seeing at first-hand how the language of dance was in other countries.

Without realising it, in the most natural way dance became my mode of artistic expression, and as time went by I began to meet and experiment with other arts and other people who have made me continue to grow. This is how teaching and creation took on a very special meaning in 2003 when I began to form part of a beautiful dance project integrated in the school and company Moments Art in Valencia, a city in which the company La Coja Dansa also welcomed me as part of its family.

Once I was given an award, another day I became a mother. I have always been a woman of improvisation. A friend of music, dance and social relations, I let my hair down and started to work also with my voice together with the Penja'm Collective. Nowadays I create and perform -always in collaboration with other professionals- my own pieces, which gather worldly and universal aspects of the experiences and perceptions of this girl and woman who continues to travel between realities and fantasies of the present moment.

17/11/2021. The performance will take place on the esplanade between the Faculties of Magisteri and Ciències Socials

18/11/2021. The performance will take place on the esplanade between the Faculties of Dret and Economia


ScheduleFrom 17 november 2021 to 18 november 2021. Wednesday and thursday at 11:00 to 12:00.


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