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Poster. A Man and a Woman
Una botella en el mar de Gaza

Series: Amnesty International

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea · Thierry Binisti · France · 2012 · 99'

Tal is a young French woman living in Jerusalem with her family. She is seventeen, the age of the first love, the first cigarette, the first piercing... And also the age of her first terrorist attack.

After a terrorist attacks a cafe in the neighbourhood where she lives, Tal writes a letter to an imaginary Palestinian in which she expresses her questions and her rejection of the fact that there can only be hatred between the two nations. She puts the letter in a bottle and gives it to her brother, asking him to throw it into the sea near Gaza, where he is doing his military service.

A few weeks later, Tal receives a reply from a mysterious "Gazaman".

Limited capacity

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Date 7 june 2022 at 18:30 to 21:15. Tuesday.


Aula Magna. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula de Cinema Universitat de València. Amnistia Internacional.


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