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Una història de por

Theatre at La Nau

“Una història de por”

New performance by Escena Erasmus

Original script: Anna Marí, Daniel Tormo and students of Escena Erasmus 2023

Playwriting coordination: Daniel Tormo

Direction: Josep Valero 

Fear is a vital feeling that, as mammalian animals, allows us to be alert to dangers that may be real.

Fear is also a disturbance of the human soul that can be triggered for many reasons: by the awareness of the passing of time and the finiteness of life, by real and imaginary monsters or by a dark atavistic heritage that causes our spirit to freeze when we face certain types of darkness.

Today Europe is once again facing its monsters: the drums of war and death are beating again on the continent. The darkness caused by bombs reminds us that we humans are fragile, sometimes miserable, and that we are afraid.

The young people of Escena Erasmus have decided to take our fears out of the depths of our souls and make them dance and sing on stage.

Welcome to our story. Come on in. Don't be afraid.

Theatre tickets can be booked in advance at La Tenda de la Universitat of La Nau and on the campuses, or on the website (https://events.fundacio.es/o/5). Each ticket will cost €2'10


ScheduleFrom 24 may 2023 to 26 may 2023. Wednesday, thursday and friday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula de Teatre UV. Escena Erasmus UV.


Contact auladeteatre@uv.es