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2012/2013 Academic year

Students TFM
Alcón Illanes, Juan Militia and scouting ─ Values and virtues with a universality pretention for a global community?
Biedma GIl, María del Carmen María Zambrano: Nostalgia and hope for a better world
Calomarde García, Juan Carlos Renewed Athenian democracy. A proposal of direct democracy for the current days
Espinoza Bastidas, Neiro Antonio Challenges for a hermeneutics of the liberation of Latin America. Democracy, Rhetoric and Human Harm
Esteve Martí, Alfredo Ethic horizons of aesthetics. Unamuno, D`Ors, Ortega and Zambrano
Hervás Salonginos, Jorge Ethics and information sciences for an active citizenship
Larrea Oña, Camilo Legality and ethics: the case of the retired workers of cement in the Republic of Ecuador
Lizama Cortés, Francisco Public opinion as a foundation of democracy
Muñoz Acosta, Manolo Influence of religious beliefs in moral behaviour
Radovi'c Sendra, Yubitza Knowledge, democracy and education
Sanchís i Marco, Manuel Philosophy in Economics Reflections on rationality and freedom under the uncertainty of Economic Science
Santiago Sánchez, Miriam Approach of abilities applied to health politics in Jennifer Prah Ruger. Health abilities
Valilla Lázaro, Asunción People’s death ─ it has been nice. Dying willingly


2013/2014 Academic year

Students TFM
Gallego Amores, David Rights of non human animals. Analysis of the main theoretical theories
Gómes-Ferrer Lozano, Guillermo Trust and responsible consumption. Keys for a business marketing ethics
Herrera Arrando, Jose Vicente Safety and citizenship in democratic Spain. A proposal of vicinity police
Mansor Pallás, Ignacio Cayetano Business ethics, RSE and media
Márquez martínez, Domingo j. Ethic banking
Martínez Amorós, María Alba Ortega y Gasset (1903-1914). First approaches to the idea of the body
Muñoz Pérez, Laura Deliberative democracy and relational goods ─ how to promote civic ethics in times of crisis
Ortega Esquembre, César Ideaologization of scientific, technical rationality under the view of Herbert Marcuse and Jürgen Habermas
Páramo Valero, Víctor The practical reason in times of science. Science and methods in the hermeneutics of H. G. Gadamer
Quintero Velásquez, Juan Carlos Dignity and compassion. To a substantiation of the Action of Communication Media from Cordial Ethics
Richart Piqueras, Andrés D. Neuroethics from a critic perspective. Possibilities and problems of naturalisation of the moral in neuroscience.
Silvaje Aparisi, Jose Emilio Ethic and aesthetic keys of Valencian paintings of the end of the 19th century: study and cataloguing of the works of Luis Beut Lluch
Terrones Rodríguez, Antonio Luís Intersubjective dialogue as a proposal for a Civic Ethics