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The Master’s Degree Coordinating Committee will admit the students pre-registered in the Master’s applying the following criteria " 60%: curriculum vitae (the students will be selected according their academic record and in their assessment will be specially considered if they have take subjects related to the content of the Master’s); 40% assessment, by the committee mentioned above, in a written report explaining the reasons and training goals for applying to the Master’s, related with the academic record or professional career of the applicants.

This report should be structured in two sections:
1.-Reasons for choosing the Master’s in relation to the curriculum submitted (Priority reasons with respect to other Master’s; justification of the subjects passed in the degree in relation to the Master’s orientation; professional justification with the Master’s requested;...)
Up to 30% of the total assessment is reserved for the Report

2.-Training goals
• Training for Research (in this case the topics of interest should be indicated)
• Ongoing Training for professional activities
Other training goals

Up to 70% of the total assessment is reserved for the Report