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Description and characteristics

Between the 15th and 19th centuries, at the birth of modern European society, the Mediterranean underwent a profound transformation that defined a new framework for political and economic relations, as well as renewed cultural horizons. The study of these processes, in addition to having an undeniable intrinsic appeal, provides the keys to understanding our world, and in particular the problems faced by the process of political construction of the European Union, such as the limits of the sovereignty, the harmonization of different cultural traditions and the search for a common ideological base that respects the identities of its components.

The Master's Degree in History and Identities in the Western Mediterranean (XV-XIX centuries) is aimed at training specialists in the analysis and interpretation of that period, and in the historical understanding of the challenges posed by the current Mediterranean.

The Master is the result of the collaboration of the Universities of Barcelona (UB), Valencia (UVEG), Alicante (UA) and Jaume I de Castellón (UJI). It is taught by the four universities, but it is attended entirely at the university where enrollment is formalized. However, in each university a part of the subjects is taught by professors from the other participating universities. Likewise, the teaching of several of the optional subjects is online, so that you can choose between the annual offer of the four universities.

The faculty staff includes prominent specialists and academics with extensive teaching and research experience on the Mediterranean from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Not surprisingly, the Master is the result of the adaptation of the Interuniversity Master "Hispanic History and Identities in the Western Mediterranean", which, for six years (until the 2013-2014 academic year) has been taught by the UVEG, the UA and the UJI , passing the ANECA and AVAP evaluations.