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The MFP consists in the elaboration, by each student, of an individual research project. To this end, the student will have the direction of a tutor, selected from the Master’s degree faculty and designated by the Academic Commission. As a result of this project, the students are expected to complete the specialization acquired throughout the Master’s degree, and to practice the methodological, technical and interpretative resources proper to Modern History. For this reason, the students, with the guide of a tutor, will be working throughout all the academic year with documentary, archival and bibliographic sources.

The MFP will address a topic related with the study of history and the identities in the Western Mediterranean in modern age, focusing in any fields analysed in the Master’s degree. The student, in accordance with the tutor, will be able to choose a topic that bests fits his or her interests and expectations. The topic should be approved by the Academic Commission of the Master’s Degree.

The MFP is expected to have a minimum extension of 50 pages (2.100 characters for page), in addition to the appendix, which will include other necessary information (documents, cartography, tables, graphics, images…)

In order to present the MFP, it is necessary to have passed the base module and the complementary one, and the project should have the approval of the tutor. Once these requirements are achieved, an exposition and public defence of the MFP should be done, in front a commission integrated by three professors of the Master’s Degree selected by the Academic Commission, in accordance with the form and deadlines regulated by the University.