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Master Objectives

The objective of the Master's Degree in History and Hispanic Identities in the Western Mediterranean (15th–19th Centuries) is to train specialists in the historical development and configuration of the identities of the societies of the Western Mediterranean during the Modern Age.


To that end, it provides:


An in-depth knowledge of the period and the capacity to study and research it in detail;

An analysis framework that integrates various perspectives and historiographical and methodological approaches;

The required abilities and resources to work with historical sources.

With the specialised education provided by the master's degree, students will be able to explain the keys to the development of the Mediterranean in a notable period for the configuration of the Western culture, the development of political formations and identities and the increasing human and economic connections between the shores of the Mediterranean. All of this will allow students to understand the real situation today.


Destinatarios (Target Students)

This master's degree is aimed at:

Graduates in History or holding other degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences, who want to be given specialised education in Modern History to gain access to doctoral studies;

Secondary education teachers who want to update their knowledge about this period;

Professionals who want to have a better understanding of the historical background of today's world problems.