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  • Consider the status, function, circulation, and reception of North American ethnic literatures in a local, national, and global context
  •  Analyze and disseminate the literary production of Amerindian, Afro-American, Chicana, Asian American and Arab American women in Spain
  •  Develop comparisons and alliances between this body of literature and other minority literatures in anglophone and Spanish-language contexts through analysis, teaching, and translation
  •  Develop theoretical frameworks and critical, literary, and cultural strategies based on non-Western perspectives and worldviews through a decolonizing approach
  •  Develop pedagogical frameworks that contribute to disseminate these works in our classrooms, decolonizing literary teaching in Spain
  • Translate a selection of these works into Spanish and Valencian with the aim of contributing to their visibility, circulation, and teaching
  • Analyze North American literature from a trans-ethnic, intersectional, trans-American, and transatlantic perspective