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5th Workshop on Evaluation of Public Policies

  • March 22nd, 2024

The 5th workshop on Evaluation of Public Policies, which will take place on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 April 2024, aims at presenting research related to public evaluation applied to different fields, as well as generating debate around it.

Due to capacity limitations, we ask to please confirm attendance by filling out the online registration form.

The presentation conference will begin Thursday 18 April at 16:00 in the Ignasi Villalonga Villalba Hall at the Faculty of Economics (first floor). The workshop will begin with an opening ceremony. Next, there will a panel discussion on wealth tax moderated by Rafael Granell (UV) and composed by Santiago Díaz de Sarralde (CIAT – Inter-American Centre of Tax Administration, Rey Juan Carlos University), Alejandro Esteller (IEB –  Barcelona Institute of Economics, University of Barcelona) and Rubén Amo (Evalpub – Public Economic Evaluation research group, Universitat de València). Afterwards, a second panel discussion on efficiency and quality of public services will be offered, moderated by Teresa Savall (UV) and composed by José Manuel Cordero (University of Extremadura), Joseba Zalakin (SIIS – Information and Social Research Documentation and Studies Centre, Eguía-Careaga Fundazioa Foundation) and Georgina Solaz (EvalPub, Universitat de València).

On the second day of the workshop, there will be another two panels. At 9:30 there will be a panel on education economics, moderated byMauro Mediavilla (UV) and composed by Iván Vicente (Universitat de València), Jenifer Ruiz (University of Barcelona and London School of Economics) and Gisela Rusteholz (EvalPub, Universitat de València). The last panel of the workshop will address taxation, benefits and labour market, and it will be composed by Fernando Rodrigo (University of Zaragoza), Ángel Martín (University of Valladolid) and Juan José Arnadillo (EvalPub, Universitat de València). Lastly, a closure ceremony will take place.

This meeting is part of the workshop series organised by the Chair for Regional Taxation and the EvalPub research group of the Universitat de València, the Department of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economics (UV) and the Department of Finance and Economic Model (Valencian Government).