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Main activities of the Chair

The Chair's activities can be divided into four main areas.

Firstly, training activities. Through these activities, the Chair tries to design and teach non-regulated courses, conferences and training workshops, as well as to implement the Universitat de València's specific programmes.

Secondly, the Chair aims to carry out an extensive dissemination task. The aim is to promote the generation of knowledge by organising outreach and transfer workshops, seminars and conferences, and by holding technical and scientific gatherings and meetings.

The third group of activities of the Chair focuses on knowledge generation. This generation is carried out through its own studies, focusing on the microsimulation of tax policies and public policy evaluation studies. The Chair also seeks to foster new research projects by trainee researchers, through various awards. In addition, it is a forum for disseminating research projects and hosting national and international scientific meetings.

Fourthly, the Regional Taxation Chair was created to be a meeting place. From this point of view, it works on the creation of networks. On the one hand, by bringing together the different agents involved in regional taxation: universities, professional associations, public administrations, non-profit organisations, etc. On the other hand, by expressing its commitment to participate in all forums where it is necessary, from the participation in scientific congresses to the presence in the main social networks.