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Amadeo Fuenmayor, Head of the Regional Taxation Chair, takes part in the Forinvest forum

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • March 7th, 2024

Amadeo Fuenmayor, Head of the Regional Taxation Chair and Evalpub researcher, participated as a moderator in a forum session on 6 March.

Mesa redonda Forinvest
From left to right, Francisco Pérez, Ruth Merino, Salvador Navarro and Amadeo Fuenmayor

The panel discussion moderated by Amadeo Fuenmayor, titled Towards a fair and equitable funding that supports the production system featured the participation of three speakers: Councillor of the Valencian Department of Economy, Finance and Public Administration Ruth Merino, President of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community Salvador Navarro and Head of Research at the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE, Spanish acronym) Francisco Pérez.

The members of the panel discussion addressed the current situation of the regional funding system and the existing issues regarding the underfunding that is causing the Valencian Community to suffer in comparison to other Spanish regions. As a result of this lack of resources and the debt that the regional government has had to resort to in order to fund essential public services, the Valencian Department of Economy, Finance and Public Administration stressed that there is “very little margin” for production policies that strengthen and promote the productive fabric of the Valencian Community.

The speakers also highlighted the need for fair and equitable reform of the regional financing system, in order to bring the actual per capita funding of the Valencian Community into line with that of the other Autonomous Communities under the common system.

Momento de la mesa redonada
Image source: Valencia Fair. Forinvest 2024.