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Members of the Chair of Autonomous Taxation participated in the 29th Meeting of Public Economy

  • May 19th, 2022
XXIX Encontre d'Economia Pública

On May 5 and 6, our researchers presented, at the meeting held in Madrid, various papers related to topics as diverse as economic deductions, tax inequality, minimum wage or the impact of some economic reforms on inequality and poverty.

In this 29th Meeting of Public Economics, the talks presented by the members of our Chair were the following:

  • Teresa Savall, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: "Economic evaluation of the reform of the Spanish minimum wage: effect on inequality and poverty"
  • Marta Roig, Miguel Gómez-Antonio: "Knowledge spillovers as Location factor in the Software industry"
  • Diego Muñoz, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: "Analysis, measurement and evolution of non-take-up in the minimum income benefits in Spain"
  • Andrés Abril, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: "Analysis of regional personal income tax deductions and proposed reform in the Valencian Region"
  • Rubén Amo, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: "Tax inequality in Spain due to regional differences in wealth taxation"
  • Juan José Arnadillo, Amadeo Fuenmayor, Rafael Granell: "Assessing the impact of a minimum wage increase on employment"
  • Georgina Solaz, Amadeo Fuenmayor, Rafael Granell: "Taxes and efficiency: the Laffer curve in the Spanish case (1989-2014)"