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Members of the Chair for Regional Taxation participated in the 22nd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum

  • November 15th, 2023
Picture of the speakers

Last 8 and 9 of November, the 22nd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum took place at the Faculty of Economics of the UV.

Members from the Chair for Regional Taxation participated in the Forum by moderating some of the programmed lectures. Amadeo Fuenmayor moderated the session on“The Valencian Tax Agency: what is it and what career opportunities does it provide?”.  Marta Roig moderated “Learn about the profession of tax advisor from the Professional Association of Tax Advisors of the CV” and Mª Ángeles Tortosa moderated the session“National qualifacion: public service vocation”. Lastly, the session “Working in the Tax Agency” was led by Rafael Granell.

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students and both public and private companies and entities. The main purpose of this forum is to create a meeting point for the students of the Faculty of Economics and public and private companies within the labour market so that they may exchange information and ease the integration of students into the workforce.