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Members of the Regional Taxation Chair participated in the 47th Regional Studies Meeting

  • October 24th, 2022
Image of the members of the Chair

On 19, 20 and 21 October, our researchers presented, at the meeting held in Granada, various papers related to topics as diverse as economic deductions, tax inequality, regional analysis or the impact of some economic reforms on inequality and poverty.

In this 47th Regional Studies Meeting, the papers presented by members of our Chair were the following:

  • Marta R. Casanova: “What attracts Bohemians to stay in a city? The case study of Ljubljana”
  • Andrés Abril, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: “Analysis and proposal for modification of the regional family deductions in the Personal Income Tax of the Valencian Community”.
  • Rubén Amo, Rafael Granell, Amadeo Fuenmayor: “The regional impact of the Wealth Tax reform”.
  • Juan José Arnadillo, Amadeo Fuenmayor, Rafael Granell: “Tax expenditure on housing of the Personal Income Tax”.

Programme of the 47th Regional Studies Meeting