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The MINTOTA research group is partly funded by the Generalitat Valenciana within the PROMETEO/2012/045 research project entitled "Development of new strategies for the design of devices for in situ analysis"

Since its creation in 1988, our research group has introduced new concepts of calibration, accuracy and quality of analytical results, multi-residue analysis, solid phase extraction, conventional and multidimensional liquid chromatography and capillary liquid chromatography. We have also incorporated on-line derivatisation by means of coupled-column chromatography systems and the study of the formation of derivatives in on-fiber SPME. We have studied various configurations of coupled capillary columns and of in-tube solid-phase microextraction which allow on-line preconcentration, processing volumes up to 1 ml, optimising screening analysis. We have proposed on-line derivatisation for in-tube SPME-HPLC assemblies. We have also developed miniaturised MSPD methods for biomarkers. In the developed analytical systems, the handling, separation, and detection of the sampling are integrated into a single instrument. Our research aims to respond to the current demand for quick and clean testing procedures at reasonable costs. Moreover, we are developing new strategies that incorporate new nanomaterials.

We pursue both instrumental objectives (study of different mixed or non-mixed coupled-column assemblies or which incorporate in-tube microextraction) and analytical objectives (type of information needed, sample characteristics, types of analyties and concentration, species which originate the detection, chirality ). We have addressed the resolution of various analytical problems in different areas of research, mainly in environmental, clinical-pharmacological, toxicological, drug and industrial ones.

This work has been developed in the context of different research projects funded by public bodies, and has had the participation of researchers from other universities and research centres, grant holders, Erasmus students, etc. Our work has been published in international scientific journals, conference lectures, theses, final degree projects and master's theses, etc. It has also resulted in different knowledge transfer activities with companies, public bodies and research centres.

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