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Multi-purpose room

A space for holding interviews and/or meetings, seminars or videoconferences.

Qualitative analysis software

Qualitative analysis software allows you to categorise, link and extract information from analysed data, which can be text documents, audio recordings, images, videos and even in some cases geo-referenced data.

The Olympus Dictation transcription pedals enable the creation of audio transcriptions.

Quantitative analysis software

Quantitative analysis programmes allow for the statistical analysis of survey data.

Quantitative techniques room

This is the area of the laboratory that is equipped for the development of quantitative techniques, through the production of quantitative primary data, its analysis and processing and the analysis of statistical data.

Room for conversational techniques and observation (qualitative techniques room)

This is the area of the laboratory that can be used for discussion groups and/or group interviews and their viewing.


A unique and versatile place for training in research and excellence in the field of social sciences. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures and equipment, this laboratory is divided into three rooms, dedicated to the application of quantitative and qualitative social research techniques in all phases of the research process (collection, registration and data and information analysis)

Transcription and analysis room (qualitative techniques room)

This area of the laboratory is used for the development of qualitative techniques, through the transcription of recordings and their subsequent analysis.