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The research activity of EFIQ group is mainly focused on the thermodynamic study of mixtures of industrial interest, carrying out work on:

  • Determination of transport properties (mainly density and viscosity) of mixtures.
  • Experimental determination and modelling of phase equilibrium data.
  • Selection of solvents with reduced environmental impact, including ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents, for use in non-conventional distillation processes (extractive and azeotropic) and liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction.
  • Distillations tests in pilot and semi-pilot plants.

The scientific and technical objectives of the EFIQ group are:

  • Obtaining experimental data of properties of liquid mixtures.
  • Obtaining and correlation of phase equilibrium data (liquid-vapour and liquid-liquid) of mixtures.
  • Determination of solubility and extraction kinetic under supercritical conditions.
  • Simulation of the behaviour of real systems.
  • Selection and technical evaluation of solvents with low environmental impact, substitutes for traditional solvents.
  • Recovery of extracts and reaction products dissolved in ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents.
  • Extension of the database of properties and parameters of models.

The research lines of the EFIQ group are:

  • Transport properties. Experimental determination and theoretical estimation of thermodynamic and transport properties of mixtures containing electrolytes (salts and ionic liquids).
  • Phase equilibria. Experimental determination, theoretical estimation and data correlation of liquid-vapour and liquid-liquid equilibrium of systems of industrial interest. Determination of parameters of thermodynamic models. Obtaining of distillation curves maps in ternary systems.
  • Distillation processes. Simulation and analysis of non-conventional separation processes (extractive and azeotropic distillation). Experimental study on a pilot or laboratory scale of distillation processes. Rigorous determination of azeotropic points (pressure, temperature and composition).
  • Extraction processes. Study of the application of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents in the extraction of sugars from lignocellulosic residues. Extraction processes under supercritical conditions.
  • Recovery of solvents. Experimental study of the reuse of ionic liquids and eutectic solvents used in extraction proceses.

Research group members: 

  • Loras Giménez, Sonia (Head)
  • Caballero Ortiz, Lohengrin
  • Cháfer Ortega, Amparo
  • González Alfaro, María Vicenta
  • Lladosa López, Estela
  • Llopis Alonso, Francisco
  • Miguel Dolz, Pablo Joaquín
  • Orchillés Balbastre, Antoni Vicent
  • Poy Andreu, Helena
  • Vercher Montañana, Ernesto

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