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Presentación del Doctorado en la Universitat de València

The first objective of the doctoral programme in Chemistry is that students obtain the knowledge and skills that are attributed to a excellency-level doctor in chemistry. This level is guaranteed by the international indicators of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de València and the Department of Chemistry and the ITQ of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The second objective of the programme is linked to its purpose, which is educating researchers so that they can be integrated in university research groups, other state or private organizations or the R&D Departments of companies. The doctoral studies guarantee at least that doctoral students get the basic competences that configure the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES): understanding systematically the field of studies of legal sciences; controlling his abilities and research methods; the capacity to understand, design, create, implement and adopt important research and creation procedures; the ability of conducting a critical and assessment analysis as well as resuming new and complex ideas; the competence to share his research with the rest of the academics, researchers and the society in general; promoting the social, scientific, technological, artistic and cultural development in academic and professional contexts within a society based on knowledge.