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The doctoral programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies is consistent with our department’s research lines, which cover all areas related to the Spanish Language (history and historiography, phonetics and phonology, grammar, semantics, lexicography and lexicology, pragmatics and spoken Spanish, varieties and uses of Spanish, and Spanish for specific purposes), Spanish and Latin American Literature, Portuguese Philology and Theatre and Performing Arts in the Hispanic context (both in the historiography of all periods of Literature and the analysis of literary production as in the cultural contexts, artistic movements and discourses of Hispanic literature and theatre). The offer of research lines and their scientific quality is integrated and justified by research career and by our Department’s R&D strategy.

The members of the Department of Spanish that are part of the doctoral programme have an established research and teaching career, both nationally and internationally, proved by their many quality publications and the research projects that they lead, the number of thesis defended and their large experience as researchers. The scientific quality and relevance within the research community of the members of the Department of Spanish make it one of the most important departments in research at the University of

The degree of internationalisation of research in our department reflects positively on our doctoral programme, which has welcomed and welcomes Spanish students (from our university and other national universities) and students from European, Hispanic, American, Canadian, Asian, African and Arab universities.