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Biodiversity is a polysemic concept which encompasses dimensions in different biological scales. The aim of the following proposal is the cross-disciplinary training of postgraduate students with enough ability to face political and social demands by experts on the field. One of the main scientific aspects is the need for realistic strategies o know measure, inventory, preserve and manage biodiversity as established by the Rio Conference from 1992. For an adequate comprehension of the aspects related to biodiversity is essential for evolutionary biology, discipline which studies the origin, change and persistence of genes, biological functions, individuals, species, ultra-specific taxanes and populations of interacting living beings. In this filed, knowledge on genetic processes and factors are essential; also those related to geography, history, ecology, among others, on living beings’ evolution, adaptation and diversity. Development in molecular biology, application of new modelling and instrumentation techniques and the expansion of computational methods have given rise to evolutionary studies in all biological organization levels.