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Doctoral Programme's Precedents

The Biodiversity Doctoral Studies Programme comes from the several transformations the former Doctoral Studies Programme on Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology suffered (RD 778/1998), from the Cavanilles Institute in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (MCD2006-00349). This doctoral programme has been continuously taught since 1999 and counts with a quality mention since 2003 (renewed in 2008, Official Spanish Gazette (BOE) 273 from 12-11-2008). The doctoral programme has maintained high enrolment levels since their creation, which evidences the students’ interest in this field of knowledge. In the light of the configuration found in the Degree in Biology studies, the Doctorate in Biodiversity is the only one that, thanks to its contents and special characteristics will be able to meet the students’ increasing demand for advanced training in organismic and system biology, conservation and evolutionary biology. On the other hand, the doctoral programme in Biodiversity constitutes a natural option for those students who want to be a part of the Cavanilles Institute for Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology and who desire to take advanced courses on biodiversity and evolution.