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The Doctoral Programme, Geography and History of the Mediterranean from the Prehistory to the Modern Age, comes from the set of diverse Doctorate programmes taught n the Faculty of Geography and History of the UV, concretely:

  • Prehistory and Archaeology of the Mediterranean.
  • Authors, texts, readers. The bibliographic and documentary heritage in the Western world.
  • Societies, economies and cultures in Europa from the Middle Ages until the French Revolution.
  • Medieval History.
  • Modern History.
  • Current problems of the Valencian territory and analysis technics.
  • Environment and territory.
  • Cultural heritage: identification, analysis and management.

The experience over the last years, has evidenced the existence of students’ demand interested in the carrying out of Doctoral thesis related to the different Master’s taught in the Faculty of Geography and History. According to this experience and with the aim to providing better conditions for the development of the doctoral studies, it has been considered the convenience of offering a Doctoral Programme with a wide methodological basis in which different research lines are joined but grouped around the knowledge of societies and cultures of the Mediterranean basis in its diachronic itinerary and, at the same time, form a multidisciplinary perspective with the aim of fostering the suitable scenery for the carrying out of the Doctoral Theses by those students who come not only from the UV but from any of the University domain of the Mediterranean basin, including North African countries and Near East.

The current Programme gathers a set of research lines coherent with their formative objectives, which are focussed on deepening in several aspects on which the knowledge of historical societies and their impact on the territory can be addressed. On the other hand, it constitutes the main core of Degree and Master’s Degree students who study at the Faculty of Geography and History. Within this set of lines, the following can be stood out, which coincide with some of the current R & D project, assigned to the different teams belonging with the group of the department which integrate the Faculty of Geography and History:

  • Transitions in Western Mediterranean Palaeolithic: cultural and economic paleo-environmental aspects.
  • Territory/landscape archaeology
  • Ethnicity, identity and image of ancient Mediterranean peoples.
  • Critical edition of Medieval texts.
  • Agricultural system transformations in the Mediterranean world
  • Economic transformations and social relations during the Modern Age in the Western Mediterranean.
  • Natural and Cultural Mediterranean heritage.