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How eye tracking can help solve problems in marketing research and practice

  • October 8th, 2021
Professor Andrea Gröppel-Klein
Chair of Marketing – Institute of Consumer and Behavioural Research Saarland University

Under the umbrella of the Rhumbo European Project -ITN on subconscious brain processes through the use of mixed reality technologies (MRT) and advanced biometric signals processing, this collection of seminars on Applied Consumer Neuroscience in Marketing aims to introduce applied research in consumer neuroscience through Eye-Tracking studies.

12:00: Welcoming. Enrique Bigné, Digital Marketing Research Unit, Universitat de 
12:35-13:30: Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Chair of Marketing – Institute of 
Consumer and Behavioural Research, Saarland University.
Addressed to: Ph.D. students, Master’s students, and marketing scholars  
Date: October 19th.  
Room: Facultat d’Economia. Sala Sánchez Ayuso. The guest speaker will be connected online Schedule:  12:30  
Seats: Limited seats 
Enrollment: Registration is required. Click on here