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1. Generally, for accessing to the official doctoral programme will be necessary to hold the Spanish qualifications of Undergraduate Degree, or equivalent, and of University Master’s Degree.
2. Likewise, access is permitted to applicants under the following circumstances:
a) To hold a Spanish university qualification or from other country of the European Higher Education Area, which gives access to the Master’s Degree, according to the provisions of the article 16 of the Royal Decree  1393/2007, 29 October, and they should have passed at least 300 credits of their official university studies, from which at least 60 have to be of Master’s studies.
b) To hold an Undergraduate Degree whose duration, according to the rules of Community Law, is at least of 300 ECTS credits. The said graduates should compulsorily take the training complements included in the article 7.2 of this regulation, unless the range of courses of the corresponding undergraduate degree includes training credits in research, equivalent in training value to the credits in research coming from master’s degree studies.
c) The university graduates who, before obtaining a training place in the corresponding entry test for specific health training, have passed with a positive assessment at least two training years of a programme for obtaining the official certificate of any of the specialisations in Health Sciences.
d) To hold a degree obtained according to foreign educational systems, without the need of its accreditation, after verification by the university that it certifies a level of training equivalent to the official Spanish qualification of the Master’s Degree and which confers in the issuance country of the degree the access to doctoral studies. This admission does not imply, in any case, the accreditation of the previous degree or its recognition for other purposes different to the access to Doctoral Studies.
e) To hold other Spanish Doctoral qualification obtained according to previous university regulations. 

Furthermore, according to the Article 7 of the said Royal Decree, in the Doctoral Programme in Psychology of Human Resources, it stablishes the following specific requirements
- Having taken and passed the 60 ECTS credits of the first year of the Master’s Degree in Psychology of Work, Organisations and Human Resources and the official Master’s degree in Psychology of Work, Organisations and Human Resources (Erasmus Mundus). In this case, the activity  will be focused on the development of the thesis.
- Having completed and passed the Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Development (research profile), Master’s degree in Psychology of Work and Organisations, and Master’s degree in Psychology of Social and Community Intervention, University of Seville.
Having taken and passed a minimum of 60 credits in other related master’s studies such as those related to human resources management or prevention of occupational risk. In this event, students must take 24 ECTS credits during their first year of the research period, in the modules detailed in the section ‘Complementary training’.