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Presentación del doctorado

The interuniversity Doctoral Studies Programme in Psychology of Human Resources by the UV (General Studies) and the University of Seville is geared towards training professional and specialised researchers and of a high level in the field of Psychology of Human Resources, in accordance with the model “scientist practitioner“ 


Its mission is to provide a training of excellence in research to doctoral students that allows to progress in the knowledge of psychosocial aspects of the resources and the human capital in organizations, the organizational development and the quality of working life, facilitating the transfer to the socio-economical climate.

Background information

This doctoral programme arises from a doctorate of the Universitat de València with a mention to the excellence awarded by the Ministry of Education until the year 2014 and with previous background of ten uninterrupted years of teaching the Doctorate in programmes with Quality Award.

Became an inter-university doctorate with the integration in the Doctoral Programme in Human resources of the University of Seville that has also been awarded with the Quality Award for 5 years.

The Universitat de València and the University of Seville have an important trajectory of collaboration in the Doctoral education within this disciplinary area since more than a decade.

This collaboration was formally initiated in the Doctoral Studies when the University of Seville and the Universitat de València (together with other three Spanish universities) in the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Organisational and Work Psychology developed and given within the regulatory framework of the RD 778/1998, BOE 01/05/1998, and coordinated by the Universitat de València. (Reference: MCD-2003 00035).

This programme received the Quality Award in all its editions (2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06), starting in 2002. Furthermore, during the academic year 203-04, it passed the quality evaluation for its renovation (Resolution of 28 May 2003, of the General Direction of Universities, BOE 140, 12/06/2003).

It also obtained several subsidies for facilitating the mobility for visiting professors and students within doctoral programmes with the Quality Award, called by the Ministry of Education.


This doctoral program has been evaluated very favorably for re-accreditation by ANECA. Of the 7 criteria that have been evaluated, in 4 the qualification of "exceeds excellently and, in addition, is an example that exceeds the basic requirements" has been obtained. Those criteria are Program Organization and Development, Academic Staff, Material Resources and Services, and Learning Outcomes. This indicates that our program continues to maintain its standards of excellence and continuous improvement, promoting quality research in the area of Human Resources.