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The procedures for selecting students are oriented to quality and achieving good performance in the doctorate. From the beginning, it must be geared towards the doctoral scientific production, acquisition of required skills and communicating results at international conferences and high impact journals. Therefore, the selection of doctoral students involves an assessment of knowledge, skills and motivational aspects that constitute its starting point to be developed.

Relevant merits and weighting:
a) Academic record of licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) or undergraduate degree and of the Master’s Degree: (25%). Since it makes easier accessing to grants.
b) Experience in research and results (e.g. publications, reports, conferences...) (25%)
c) Expertise in research methodology (25%)
d) Written and oral English level (20%)
e) Other relevant merits where aspects such as research grants received, fellowships in departments, courses related to the acquisition of research skills (methodology, writing of research reports, etc.) are valued, and certificates of participation in research (5 %)
In addition to the assessment by the Committee in determining the criteria and merits of the candidates in order to admit them or not in the programme, a selection interview will be carried out, allowing in the main sections of the same assess the candidates’ expertise in various relevant criteria for selection. This interview takes place when candidates have not followed the recommended entry profile through the completion of the Master’s degrees that constitute the training programme period. Those who have followed one of those masters have enough information to assess their skills and qualifications in the various relevant aspects for selection.