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The council is the governing body of the department.
It is composed of:

  • All teaching and research staff who hold a PhD and are affiliated to the department.
  • Representation from the rest of the teaching and research staff, as follows:
  1. All full-time teaching and research staff.
  2. 50% of part-time teaching and research staff.
  • 50% of the research staff in training affiliated to the department
  • Representation of students from different cycles and centres taught by the department, equal to half of the total number of members of the first two groups mentioned above.
  • Representation of administrative and service staff affiliated to the department equal to a fifth of all the members of the first two groups mentioned above.

The department council must be renewed every three years except students’ representatives, whose term of office will have a duration established by the Electoral General Regulations. Vacancies produced during this time shall be covered for the remaining time.
Competencies of the department council:

  • Develop, approve and amend internal departmental regulations.
  • Elect the director and members of the permanent board.
  • Elect department representatives for faculty University committees.
  • Create, if applicable, department teaching units and choose coordinators.
  • Make a proposal to the Governing Council to create departmental sections and elect their directors.
  • Demand responsibilities for those holding a post or chosen representatives and, if applicable, revoke these responsibilities.
  • Issue a report on the proposals for curriculum regarding courses affiliated to the department and request modifications.
  • Apply UV guidelines on language policy.
  • Issue a report on proposals for organisation of the academic year prepared by the faculties.
  • Assign responsibilities to teaching staff each academic year.
  • Request staff and resources needed to carry out the department’s activities.
  • Ensure, with respect for academic freedom, that the syllabi for courses taught by the department and are in accordance with the curriculum.
  • Distribute the budget allocation of the department.
  • Prepare the department’s annual report.
  • Settle disputes that may arise within the department, without detriment to possible future appeals.
  • Appoint departmental committees that are deemed necessary to help carry out the competencies.

The department council shall meet at least twice during the academic year.