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The Department of Economic Analysis of the University of Valencia combines two areas of knowledge, Fundamentals of Economic Analysis and Economic History and Institutions. It is responsible for teaching subjects related to Economic Theory, Econometrics and Economic History, with a commitment to quality and extensive participation in high-performance groups and teaching in English.

Its postgraduate programme includes the Master in Economics, taught full-time and entirely in English, with a solid background in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, as well as specialisation in applied fields, providing students with the opportunity to successfully continue their professional career in the academic and working world.

The Department has two doctoral programmes, the Doctoral Programme in Industrial Economics and the Doctoral Programme in Economic History, aimed at national and international students, which generate synergies with the lines of research in the areas of knowledge and allow for the award of a doctoral degree with an international mention.

To promote quality research, the Department, from its origins, has promoted the international mobility of its researchers, establishing connections with other universities and participating in international networks and projects. It has its own programme of Research Grants, which is also open to PIFs (research staff in training), with the aim of facilitating research activity, as well as scientific exchange through the organisation of seminars, conferences and congresses, and attendance at national and international events.

Finally, the Department promotes the dissemination and transfer of the research activity of its two areas, contributing to the economic debate and generating consultancy for public and private entities.