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The Department of Economic Analysis (DAE) of the Universitat de València was created in January 1986. This Department group two knowledge fields, the area of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis and the area of History and Economic Institutions.

It teaches in degrees and double degrees, specifically:  Business Management and Administration Degree, Business Management and Administration (Ontinyent) Degree, Economy Degree, Finance and Accounting Degree, Business Intelligence and Analytics/BIA Degree, International Business Degree, Tourism Degree, double Degree in Tourism and Business, double Degree in Business and Law, Biotechnology Degree, Political science and Public Administration Degree and Journalism Degree.


Its academic activity expands to post-graduate level, which takes part in the following university master’s degrees: Master’s Degree in Economy, Master’s Degree in Tourism Management and Planning, Master’s Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance, Master’s Degree in Gender and Equality Policies, Master’s Degree in Biostatistics, Master’s Degree in Research and Development in Biotechnology and Biomedicine and Master’s Degree in Personal and Community Nutrition.

In the previous degrees mentioned, The DEA is under the responsibility of subjects linked to Economic Theory, Econometrics, Economic History and other similar subjects. The department teaching staff is involved in introducing new technologies in learning and they participate broadly in English education programs.             

The DEA has two doctoral programs, Doctoral Programme in Industrial Economics and Doctoral Programme in Economic History, which are interuniversity programmes shared with Universidad Carlos III and University of Barcelona.

Since the department had been created, it has been a priority goal to maintain a quality education and to promote research. This goal results in the following achievements:

  • Research projects and groups
  • Publications in prestigious magazines
  • Participation in research contracts with different companies and institutions.
  • Presence of the Department teaching staff in national and international scientific meetings
  • Seminars of renowned prestige professors
  • Organization of scientific dissemination events such as Debates de Actualidad, courses and workshops