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The first Doctoral Thesis carried out from the EMC WE-UV Chair

  • June 22nd, 2021

On May 24th, Adrián Suárez Zapata defended his Doctoral Thesis, supervised by Dr Jose Torres País, professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Director of the EMC Chair. This is the first Doctoral Thesis resulting from the agreement between Universitat de València and Würth Elektronik.

The Chair for Electromagnetic Compatibility (WE-UV EMC) represents a wide-ranging collaboration between the company Würth Elektronik eiSos and Universitat de València, covering the fields of Research, Innovation, Dissemination, Teaching and Talent Attraction. The main objectives of the EMC Chair are to generate advance research, and in this sense, last Monday 24th May, Adrián Suárez Zapata, defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled “Novel nanocrystalline cores for EMI suppression in cables: characterisation methodology and performance study”.

The Thesis focuses on studying, analysing and evaluating the suitability of nanocrystalline material for manufacturing suppressor cores to reduce electromagnetic interference in cables as an alternative to conventional ceramic materials. This new component represents a major advance over current solutions due to its high interference reduction efficiency over a wide range of frequencies.

The results obtained in this research and the transfer to the company have resulted in Würth Elektronik starting to market a rage of suppressor cores based on nanocrystalline material at the end of 2020. This new product range has been named WE-AENA Axial EMI Suppression Nanocrystalline.