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The GreenMite team of the ETSE-UV, winner of the ‘University Design Contest’ Analog Devices-Würth Elektronik.


The jury of the ADI WE University Design Challenge has chosen the GreenMite team of the ETSE-UV as one of the winners. The technological project competition has been promoted by the entities Analog Devices and Würth Elektronik and coordinated in the ETSE-UV by Professor José Torres. The GreenMite team is made up of students from the IEEE Branch of students of the Universitat de València (IEEEsbUV). The project presented by GreenMite consists of a network of sensors deployed around the city that acquire atmospheric information and send it to a central server for processing. Every year there are more and more news related to problems of air quality in urban landscapes. This was just the beginning, since urban landscapes of the 1950s have grown exponentially, making this phenomenon increasingly common. Therefore, these students decided to use the technology to help the citizens know the contamination rates of their cities. This idea was inspired by cases registered in Madrid (2016) and Barcelona (2017), where the authorities had to reduce the speed limits and restrict traffic to reduce emissions. Many times these policies are random and you do not have a great deal of certainty about its effectiveness. With this Project, the effects of these measures and acting in real time could be evaluated. On the 4th of May, the GreenMite team components will travel to Munich to present their project and attend the awards ceremony that will take place at the offices of Analog Devices and Würth Elektronik.

    Seminari Würth-EMC


    La Càtedra Würth-EMC de la Universitat de València, dirigida pel Professor José Torres, ha organitzat un seminari gratuït relacionat amb la selecció de components per a compatibilitat magnètica (EMC). Des de la Càtedra ens agradaria convidar-vos a aquest esdeveniment que tindrà lloc dimecres que ve 25 d'abril a partir de les 9h a la Sala de Juntes (0.2.4) de l’ETSE-UV. La primera part del seminari serà presentada per Juan Miguel del Pino, Field ApplicationsEngineer de Würth Elektronik. Els continguts del seminari estaran centrats a descriure els paràmetres i característiques que els diferents materials i productes com a ferrites, xocs en manera comuna i inductors de potència. A més comptarà amb simulacions per avaluar les pèrdues i dependència de la temperatura en convertidors DC/DC commutats emprant diferents tipus de inductors. La segona part serà impartida per Adrián Suárez, Investigador de la Càtedra Würth-EMC de la Universitat de València. Estarà enfocada a la descripció de materials d'apantallament magnètic i a presentar exemples d'aplicacions en els quals poden emprar-se per eliminar problemes de EMI o redirigir el flux magnètic. Si esteu interessats a assistir, podeu enviar un correu a wemc@uv.es.

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      SENSE 3 team of the ETSE-UV, winner of Cajamar University Hack 2018


      The Department of Commercial Searching and Methodology of Cajamar Cooperative Team has carried out the largest online data’s analytic competition of Spain, the Cajamar University Hack 2018. Cajamar UniversityHack 2018 is a event specifically addressed to students of the best training centres of Data Science in Spain. Past Thursday, 12 April was celebrated the final of Cajamar University Hack 2018, an online datathon related to real banking data of the Cajamar Group oriented to the best training centres in Data Science. SENSE 3 is formed by students of the Master’s Degree in Data Science of the ETSE-UV. Julián Ballesteros and Alberto Oteo were the winners of the edition Wefferent Card Analytics Challenge. In this competition, the goal was to develop a user-friendly visualisation tool by using Cajamar and other external data which could be chosen by the students. Link to Youtube: https://t.co/gXqehO2UBh Link to Cajamar website: http://www.cajamardatalab.com/datathon-cajamar-universityhack-2018/ganadores/

        Keysight Seminar: Fundamentals of Measurement in RF / MW Devices


        Valencia (9 May) School of Engineering Universitat de València Universitat Avenue 2.1.5 Room

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          Keysight Seminar: Technology in Material Measure


          Valencia (18 April) School of Engineering Universitat de València Universitat Avenue 2.1.5 Room

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