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The Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Valencia is currently attached to the School of Engineering. It was created in October 1999, when the old Department of Computer Science and Electronics split up into the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electronic Engineering.

Teaching and Research

The teaching staff of the Department of Electronic Engineering belong to two areas of knowledge —Electronics (250) and Electronic Technology (785)—, eight research groups  (DSDC, GPDS, LEII, MEMS, TEDRA, IPL, IDAL i HRI) and teach in the following degrees

  • Enginyeria (5-year degree) in Electronics
  • Enginyeria Tècnica (3-year degree) in Telecommunications, Electronic Systems
  • Enginyeria Tècnica (3-year degree) in Telecommunications, Telematics
  • Enginyeria (5-year degree) in Computer Science
  • Enginyeria (5-year degree) in Chemistry
  • Llicenciatura in Physics
  • Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering
  • Degree in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunications
  • Degree in Telematics Engineering
  • Degree in Physics


Moreover, the department teaches various postgraduate courses and a doctoral programme.