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Basis of the prizes:

The prizes of the four categories of the competition consisted of:

  • For the participants: 450 euros and diploma.    
  • For the department of the centre to which the professor belongs to:
    • A laptop for teaching use.
    • Physics: A PASCO motion sensor with USB connection to the computer and Datastudio software to develop cinematics and dynamics experiences (courtesy of the firm PRODEL of teaching equipment).
    • Technology: A LEGO kit (courtesy of the firm PRODEL of teaching equipment).     
  • For the professor: certificate of 20 hours of participating dedication with the projects in the Godella’s online course of CEFIRE.

The honourable mentions: gifts and diplomas for the participants and professors.

The audience award: 400 euros (sponsored by the Spanish Society of Physics) and diploman, and gift for the professor  (a tablet).