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About us

The initiatives picked up in the Aula Experimenta arise form the Arquímedes Work Group of Physics, an open and mixed group, constituted by Secondary teachers and professors of the Faculty of Physics of the Universitat de València. Any physics professor who wants to collaborate to carry out the initiatives that the group agrees may participate in the activities promotion and organisation of the Arquímedes GTF. If you want  to actively participate and work, contact us.

Since its constitution in 1999, we have proposed to boost and improve the Physics teaching in Secondary Education through initiatives addressed to professors and students that result attractive and interesting and that widen the cultural horizons of students by favouring their understanting of science and technology.

Being aware of the fragility to what the science culture is exposed in this moment and, specifically, its training expression in the Secondary Education, particularly in Physics, we propose:

  • To promote an authentic understanding of the natural phenomena, even in the most basic levels of the training, promoting the dialog with students and the forming of reasons and explanations.
  • To influence in the use of simple experimental demonstrations and of the experimental work carried out by the students, with an emphasis in the quantitative analysis, addressed to know and link the phenomena with the theoretical models of Physics and value their predictive capacity.
  • To provide alternative and innovative ways of present concepts, favouring this way their relation with the quotidian phenomena and technology, and establishing relations between the different fields of science, philosophy, science history and other aspects of culture.

You may widen the information on the group and its initiatives by watching this video presentation or by reading this article published at the Revista Española de Física of the Spanish Society of Physics. You may access her to the CV of the group in PDF.