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The Aula Experimenta integrates a set of initiatives that strengthen the relationship between university and secondary school, and are addressed to involve students and teaching staff in a more active physics learning, focused on the observation of the natural phenomena,   experimentation, and the comprehension of the physical principles.

It is an important objective to promote the curiosity and interest about everything that surrounds us, transmitting the possibilities provided by the scientific method to understand the nature and develop the technology, through attractive and interesting activities that foster the reasoning and relations with the other sciences, culture and society in general.

This prepares future citizens to develop and make decisions on scientific and technological topics. It also awakens scientific vocation, favouring a future implication in sectors related to high technology and innovation and with a special worry on integration of women in this areas.

The innitiatives carried out by Aula Experimenta have obtained the l Premio "Física en la Sociedad" del Concurso "Ciencia en Acción", which took place in Bilbao in October 2013. (More information).