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Science and teaching in Spanish universities in comparison to America and Europe (from 16th to 20th century)

R&D project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Duration: 2005-2008
Objective: The study of university education, the organisation and structure of the centres, professors and students, from the 16th to the 20th century.

Main researcher:

Mariano Peset Reig

Project members:

Salvador Albiñana Huerta
Ramón Aznar García
Marc Baldó Lacomba
Manuel Angel Bermejo Castrillo
Yolanda Blasco Gil
Jorge Correa Ballester
Pilar García Trobat
Telesforo Hernández Sempere
Mª Pilar Hernando Serra
Mª José María Izquierdo
Manuel Martínez Neira
Pascual Marzal Rodríguez
Adela Mora Cañada
Fco. Javier Palao Gil
José Mª Puyol Montero
Carolina Rodríguez López
Carles Tormo Camallonga
Sergio Villamarín Gómez


Parliaments and cities in the Crown of Aragon, from history to modernity

R&D project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Duration: 2003-2006
Objective: The project aims to analyse, on the one hand, the path of municipal autonomy against the power of the monarch and, on the other, the role that the estates of cities, meeting in court, played in that conflict. The area chosen is the Italian and Spanish territories that depended on a single monarchy from the 13th to 18th century.

Main Researcher:

Remedios Ferrero Micó

Project membres:

Mª Jose Carbonell Boria
Lluis J. Guia Marín
Vicente Graullera Sanz
Juan Alfredo Obarrio Moreno
Agustín Bermúdez Aznar
María Magdalena Martínez Almira
Emilia Iñesta Pastor
Tomás de Montagut Estragués
Jose Sarrión Gualda
María Eugenia Cadeddu
Ana Maria Oliva