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The Genetics of Development Molecular and Biomedical Models used Drosophila melanogaster ( fruit fly or ) as test organism . Drosophila has become in recent years a very useful tool in biomedical research. The development of very powerful for studying gene function in this organism genetic techniques, and that share part of their biology and human , and homologs containing most of the genes involved in human diseases , are sufficient reason for this success. In this regard , our group is using several approaches in Drosophila to study human genetic diseases such as Parkinson's disease , in order to dissect their routes of pathogenesis and identify biomarkers to diagnose and / or progression of these and discovering drug candidates to help combat and / or delay symptoms. On the other hand, we are also conducting the study at the genetic and cellular level of basic developmental processes in Drosophila, as dorsal closure embryo and the establishment of planar cell polarity epithelial used as models of processes relevant to human health wound healing , convergent extension during gastrulation and cell migration associated with metastasis .