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El prof. Vicente González-Romá imparte una conferencia en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

  • May 4th, 2018

El pasado 24 de Abril, el prof. Vicente González-Romá impartió una conferencia en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, titulada:

“The multilevel approach to organizational research: challenges and opportunities”


Organizations are multilevel systems in which organizational entities (e.g., employees, teams, departments, organizations) reside in nested arrangements (e.g., employees are nested in teams, teams in departments, and departments in organizations). To fully understand phenomena that take place within organizations, the multilevel nature of these phenomena has to be acknowledged. This involves conceptual, theoretical, and methodological challenges and opportunities. From a conceptual perspective, multilevel research involves higher-level constructs whose nature and emergence process have to be explained. From a theoretical perspective, organizational phenomena require multilevel models that specify the multilevel relationships considered. To do so, researchers can take advantage of the different types of multilevel models proposed. From a methodological perspective, multilevel research requires specific analytical methods that take the special characteristics of multilevel data into account. The objective of this talk is to present and analyze these challenges and opportunities from a three-fold perspective: conceptual, theoretical and methodological.

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