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El prof. José M. Peiró ofrece una conferencia en la Université Laval de Quebec


El próximo viernes 4 de Mayo, el profesor José María Peiró de 9:30 a 11 horas dará la conferencia: “Beyond the happy-productive worker model” en la Université Laval de Quebec. Reseña de la conferencia:

The ‘happy-productive model’ in organizational Psychology has aimed to establish the relationships between wellbeing and productivity as a way of advocating that quality of working life induces workers’ higher performance and paysoff for organizations enhancing their results. However, results are rather inconclusive and the relationships between these two variables, when significant, are moderated. The important changes mentioned in the socioeconomic context, markets, organizations and work as well as the ones related to workers pose new challenges to the analyses of the interaction and mutual determination of performance and wellbeing. It requires for instance further elaboration of the constructs of both performance and well-being as well as the interaction between them.

In the lecture the results of a systematic review of the relationships between these constructs since more that half a century and the underlying assumptions of the happy-productive worker model will be highlighted. Moreover, the antagonistic profiles (unhappy-productive and happy-unproductive ones) will be analyzed and a heuristic model to analyze the dynamics of the relationship between the two constructs will be presented. Finally, the implications of the research findings for management and to support individuals and teals to prevent risks and identify the toxic and threatening environment from the challenging one will be discussed.

En el siguiente enlace puede acceder a más información acerca del evento.

Fecha de actualización: 27 de abril de 2018.

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