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UV Counselling for students is a free service of the Universitat de València formed by the psychological and legal counselling. They are organised by the SeDi Information and Promotion Service (Sedi).

What is the service about?

The service includes 2 counselling initial sessions that can be complemented with 4 more sessions of psychological assistance. These 6 sessions are financed by the Universitat de València and are free for students. 

Who will advise you?

Health professionals of the UV Psychological Clinic, with experience not only for counselling and guiding you, but also for giving you information and psychological support overall.

Psychological counselling

The student’s counselling requests are covered when it comes to:

  • Psychological aspects that trigger anxiety, depression or doubts.
  • Aspects and problems related to studies: strategies for the improvement of academic performance, enhancing good habits and study planning and organisation.
  • Issues related to motivation problems and to the improvement of decision-making.

Psychological assistance

Psychological counselling can be complemented with a psychological assistance service for students facing difficulties related to depression, anxiety, fears and obsessions. 

Then, when these 6 financed sessions are completed, if the professional who deals with the student considers that it would be advisable the student’s continuance of psychological assistance, he will recommend the patient referral. The UV Psychological Clinic will help students to look for services so as to continue their psychological assistance, in other place than the free service financed by the UV. 

If the student happens to choose the UV Psychological Clinic, it will only be able to assist him in the subjects included in its charter of services and following the conditions set up by the own Clinic. 

Where will you be visited?

Currently, in-person service is available in the facilities set up in Blasco Ibáñez and Els Tarongers Campus. Online counselling is also offered.

How can you make an appointment?

For using consultancies, it is necessary making an appointment through the following form. Given data will be treated confidentially. The UV Psychological Clinic will inform you, when giving you the first appointment, about the assistance conditions that are stablished for the UV Counselling for students.

Request an appointment for UV Counselling for students

UV Counselling for students is available during the whole year, except in August.

More information

Should you have any questions or doubts filling it the form for making an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us in